View Full Version : Problems with in MusicIP<->Slimserver interaction

2006-06-08, 14:09
I don't get any "mm" icons on songs that is placed inside albums that have , or (swedish characters) in them. All other songs get them alright.
In fact, songs that have , in them (even though the album did not) don't show up either.

I belive this has something to do with the fact that the mp3 file is placed in <Album>\<Artist>-<Title>.mp3 (i.e. I have swedish characters in folder and file names)

Using just MusicIP or SlimServer by themself have never revieled any problems. But sometimes when creating mixes by holding down the 'play' key I have got songs that will be skipped (it seems they weren't found) or giving funny characters instead of in the display. I have not yet found any easy way to reproduce this...

Do I have to rename all files/folders or is there any other way around this?

SlimServer Version: 6.2.2 - 7135 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
MusicIP Mixer 1.6 beta 2

2006-06-08, 14:15
MusicIP has acknowledged issues with non-latin/unicode characters.
The API that feeds data to slimserver is not handling them properly so
you get incorrect results. The word from Predixis (makers of MusicIP)
is that a fix is expected fairly soon. You can peruse their forums
for more info.