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2006-06-08, 08:22

Can you please vote for successful installations of SSODS on your DiskStation.

May thanks.


P.S. I accidentally voted for CS-406.. that device is not yet available. I meant the DS-106e. Btw, the DS-106 is not available yet as well.

2006-06-08, 14:19
I voted for ds-101g+, but I have also installed ssods on a ds-101j quite successfully. Tried out the ds-101g tonight and it works just fine, thanks flipflip. :D

2006-06-08, 14:50
Thanks :-)

*** One can vote for more than one item! ***

But one can only vote once. I myself voted for the CS-406, but meant the DS-106e.. :-)

I think there is no way to change one's vote. I cannot even change the poll..

2006-06-12, 09:53
I think I can get my hands on a DS-101 pretty easily here - what is the difference between the 101 & the 101j??

2006-06-12, 11:15
As far as I know, the DS-101 has 64 MB RAM and the DS-101j has only 32 MB and they both have IPX420 CPUs @ 266 MHz and the same connectivity (LAN, IDE, USB). The DS-101 has a fan, the DS-101j has not.

I'd go for a DS-101, but I cannot guarantee that SSODS will work. But it should.. :-)

But the DS-101 is ugly (as the g+), in my opinion :-)

Please let me know if it works on the DS-101.

If possible, tell me about the following:

- firmware revision
- performance of the SS (not the SSODS!) web interface (fast or slow?)

And (please..:-)

- a copy of the output on the "status" page of SSODS
- a copy of the output of "si_meminfo" and "si_cpuinfo" in the "systeminfo" menu (see at the bottom of the "admin" menu)

Many thanks.


P.S.: Yes, update it to 240 before installing SSODS.

2006-06-12, 11:36
I was hoping somebody would tell me before I dropped the $$ !!
If its 64MB RAM, it should be better than the 101j, unless there is something else different?? Will it be 266MHz? I think the F/W on the box is v. 200, although I think the most up-to-date one is v. 240 - should I update or not?? (the release notes don't indicate anything significant, but who knows??)

2006-06-12, 11:57
I am not to sure about the 101 having 64MB and it seems like a dicontinued product.
btw. a small announcement on the Synology homepage for new firmwares coming soon:

2006-06-12, 12:00
At least http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/DS101/DS101Hardware and a few other google hits say so.

It's written in the internet, it must be true.. ;->

The g+ is discontinued as well (I've been told).

2006-06-12, 12:19
NSLU2 is a source to trust. I canīt find any offers for the 101 here in germany.

2006-07-09, 16:21
Working great on my DS-101g+ - flawless install...er..except for the "good" error no. 42

Thanks for putting this together, very well done.