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2006-06-08, 00:38
A friend of mine who happens to be a deadhead was over the other night, so I showed her how I could go to shoutcast, search on "Grateful Dead" and find at least two stations that stream Dead shows 24/7.

She went home to her own setup and wasn't able to find them. As I tried talking her through it on the phone I realized the problem: I have the 6.5 beta installed and she has 6.2 which apparently doesn't allow you to search shoutcast streams.

So, I basically copied the links for the two shoutcast streams, sent them to her via email, and she used "radio tune-in" to bring them up. Then I had her save the playlists so she could find them later. Even though they are shoutcast streams, they weren't in her shoutcast recently played list, probably because we used the radio tune-in to get them.

My question is this: Was there an easier way to do this? We knew the streams we wanted, but we couldn't find them by just looking through the shoutcast genres. Is there any way to search shoutcast streams in slimserver 6.2? Now that I have this ability in 6.5, I can't imagine not having it.

2006-06-08, 00:46
> My question is this: Was there an easier way to do this?

No, the Shoutcast browser available up to 6.2.2 is a dead end. Shoutcast
changed their stream directory format. That's why there is a new plugin in
slimserver >=6.3.



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