View Full Version : Wireless Bridge DHCP Problems Solved?

2006-06-07, 08:29
Apologies if this has been answered or addressed elsewhere but after 10mins searching through forums I'd thought I'd post as a new thread.

I've just successfully rigged up a 3rd party video streaming device (Slingbox) using the Squeezebox V3 wireless bridge option.

As others have found, my DHCP server would not assign an IP to the bridged device... until... I connected another device to the router, the new device appeared in the Router control panel immediately along with the Slingbox.

I'm not technical enough to understand the inner magic of networking but could this point to some sort of an issue with the Squeezebox not correctly registering the bridged device with the DHCP server?

I'm very happy with my Squeezebox, it has "freed my music" so this will hopefully be considered a constructive post!

As an aside, if anyone from Slim Devices is reading this then I would recommend taking a look at a SlingBox especially some of the configuration wizards relating to external music access and their introductory guides to networking - very helpful!

2007-03-13, 22:32
i still cant seem to get myslingbox connected. it was connected when i had an unsecured network. when i changed i cant get a dhcp address...

2007-11-25, 06:01
I have the exact same problem when using WPA-2 and DHCP on the bridged Ethernet, all other security settings are OK.

It is at the key refresh time the error occurs, after that the DHCP does not work beyond the bridge