View Full Version : squeezebox wakes up Mac via remote, but it goes to sleep again

2006-06-06, 22:59
(I tried this on an Apple forum before, but did not get any response so far ...)

I'm running Mac OS X 10.4.6 on an iMac G5, and the OS is set up such that it presents a login prompt after the Mac is witched on from standby mode. If one does not start to type in a password, the machine goes back into standby mode after a dozen seconds or so, which is helpful e.g. in case I have hit the keyboard by accident.

However, there are situations when I don't want this to happen. For instance, I own a squeezebox v5 device, which will wake also the Mac when I turn it on via its remote control (I assume via "Wake for Ethernet network administrator access"). However, since I do not type on the Mac keyboard in this case, but use the squeezebox remote control instead, the Mac decides to turn itself off again. I'm also facing this with utilities that try to wake up my Mac at a certain time to perform their functions (e.g. with Audio Hijack Pro).

So my question is, is there any way to tell Mac OS X *not* to fall back into standby mode when woken up by another mechanism than normal keyboard typing, via some configuration file or similar. Turning off the keyword prompt entirely is not a tolerable option for me in this case (security reasons).

Thanks for any help on this,

2006-06-06, 23:57
The best I can think of, and it's not very good, is to have a separate account for these activities. You could have no prompt and perhaps even no password for this account, and make it a managed account that only has access to a few programs, so that there souldn't be security issues.