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Jon Schalliol
2003-11-21, 12:00

Thanks for the info. I did exactly that, however
entering the URL in the stream only gave me a
message of "Reading streamä" in an "Opening URL"
window. Maintaining this for roughly 30 seconds
and then just stopped with no music playing. The
web browser shows the song I selected as playing,
but as I mentioned before it doesn't appear that
it plays, or if it does, it repeats it, even
though it is not set to do so.

Any thoughts why?

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>Jon, I've verified it works well.
>There are some instructions on the Slim web site; they were pretty clear.
>Here's the gist of it:
> - In iTunes, Advanced, open stream, you have the correct URL below.
> - This connects iTunes to the stream; now we have to put something in the
>stream. (The server plays a separate stream to each player.)
> - In a browser, open http://localhost:9000 and substitute the server IP for
>"localhost" as you did below
> - Now, pick some music and push play.
> - If you have multiple players (and you can do
>so), pick the play whose stream
>you want to control.
>Hope this helps.
> -- Sally
>Sally Shears (a.k.a. "Molly")
>sshears (AT) theWorld (DOT) com -or- Sally (AT) Shears (DOT) org
>On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Jon Schalliol wrote:
>> I don't yet have my Squeezebox (still being built), but I'm trying to
>> use the server to stream to iTunes on my remote PowerBook for now.
>> The player seems set up in the web interface and it shows a song
> > playing, but when I enter, I just
> > get opening stream and a scrolling status bar. About 30 seconds
> > later it gives up. Am I missing something? Thanks!