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Lee Carter
2003-11-21, 12:46
I think it may be a cold day in hell before the bbc dump real or even
add an additional stream. I'm sure between us we will find away to get
it going eventually (that doesn't involve a wave finder)

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See the most recent posting on this page, from January of this year,
for the reason why the BBC are staying with RealAudio:


"...until we get more staff, we won't be able to dedicate any time into
getting the [ogg-based] streams up."

Maybe there is still a team at the BBC committed to getting non-real
streams going, with the right amount of cash. But this is weird,
because I remember reading in NTK that the open source-loving, .ogg
using, geeky-type streaming group at the BBC internet department were
moved out of their offices to make way for the RealMedia-based web
streaming team a while ago during a bout of streamlining measures.

You can write to oggfeedback (AT) bbc (DOT) co.uk if you'd like to see some
development in providing a less proprietary method of receiving BBC
content online- I don't know if that address is still manned by a
human, but I'm sure it'll be redirected to someone important. Otherwise
there's this form-based contact
http://www.bbc.co.uk/feedback/bbci_comment.shtml - BBCi don't seem to
want direct emails :\

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