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2006-06-03, 20:03
I am having problems connecting to KRLA Radio, which is under Internet Radio (listed by City). I am not having any other difficulties connecting to Pandora or to SqueezeNetwork. There is no success -- the display shows "Connecting" and the very long URL after I select KRLA. I have to power down (with the remoted) in order to get out of the selection (like a computer hanging).

This is happening after several weeks of successfully connecting to KRLA.

Any suggestions.


2006-06-15, 18:44
KNX is another one of the Squeeze Network's "Picks" by City. It's Los Angeles News/Talk and all the time I'm not able to get KRLA to "connect" I'm able to get KNX.

Is there some wrinkle to Internet Radio using the SB3 that I don't know about?

I hope someone can provide some clues on what to do when stations no longer want to "connect."


2006-06-16, 03:04
This can happen when the radio station changes the url it is streaming from.

If they don't notify SD (and there's no reason why they should) then until someone notices the problem and reports it to SD so they can update the url they store under "Picks by City".

I expect Andy will spot this thread and be on the case soon.

2006-06-16, 06:30
Hmm, maybe there is something wrong with the first item in their playlist. Interestingly, I can play the station fine in WMP but the listen popup on their webpage does not work.

This is the second URL in their playlist and it works for me if I enter it directly. I'm worried about what looks like a session ID in this URL though, so would be hesistant to add it to Picks this way.


I'll look at it some more and try to see why the first item in the playlist never times out to allow it to play the second item.