View Full Version : Playlist proplem with Music Magic Mixer from MusicIP

Dean Wyler
2006-06-03, 08:35
this problem occurred with using Music Magic Mixer from MusicIP (formerly Predixis)with Slimserver. I like the mixer because it's compatible with the lossless flac files.

It took several weeks to figure this out:
Slimserver cannot recognize playlists that use a mapped network drive with the W: path - it requires the UNC(Univeral Naming Convention) path to the music files.

I have my music library on a network drive (Buffalo Terrastation), and inadvertantly mapped it as my W: drive on my laptop where I run MusicIP to create playlists for playing through Slimserver on my wireless whole house audio system. MusicIP re-scanned my library and cataloged everything with the W: path, instead of the UNC style path \\sharedrive\\music\. After that, it created all playlists with the W: path, which Slimserver could not recognize. You can see the path MusicIP is using by going to file/preference/playlist view and selecting FILE.

I deleted the W: mapping on my laptop, re-cataloged the entire library in MusicIP, and now the playlists are being created with the UNC path.

Thanks to Ross at Slimserver tech support for helping to figure out my problem! He requested me to send him a playlist that worked, and one that did not (I still had some old ones that were working).

2006-06-05, 10:55
Man, I would have spent hours trying to figure this out on my own. Thanks for the great information!

2006-06-05, 11:47
Now that I have MusicIP set up to use the UNC path instead of a drive name, it gets paste Stage 1 of the analysis just fine, but it freezes up on stage 2 (the actual analyzing). Did you have this problem as well? Update - it does work, it just goes reaaaaaaaaaaly slow.

Dean Wyler
2006-06-17, 04:41
The network needs to be very stable to run well, i find. When the music Magic mixer analyzes the music it can take days (for thousands & thousands of songs). In the end it makes great mixes but it seems to hog the computing power. I sometimes need to shut it down to get multple slimservers to run in the house.