View Full Version : Disc Number 1 of 1 bug?

Steven Spies
2003-11-21, 10:45
I have just updated to SlimServer 5 and have noticed a strange behavior
that I did not notice in 4.2.6. You see a lot of my albums are tagged
with Disc Number 1 of 1 in iTunes. When these albums are initially
displayed in SlimServer 5 they are listed once with no Disc number
information associated with them. However if I play a track from that
album or even display information of a track from that album and go
back to the album list I now have the album listed twice. Once with no
Disc information and one with "(Disc 1 of 1)" after it. This happens
both in the web interface and on the SLIMP3 itself. I suppose I could
always remove the Disc information in iTunes for those albums that have
only one disc but I prefer not to. I am running SlimServer 5 on a G4
Cube with Mac OS X Version 10.3.1 and iTunes Version 4.1.