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Mark Lanctot
2006-06-02, 15:06
Just noticed on Creedance Clearwater Revival's Green River:

This album was mastered in analog using the 20-Bit K2 Super Coding System.

Developed by JVC, the 20-Bit K2 Super Coding System integrates three important digital audio functions:
1. The JVC 20-Bit, 128 times over-sampling high resolution analog to digital converter.
2. The JVC K2 Super Coding resolves the high resolution 20-Bit signal to the 16-Bit compact disc format while retaining the integrity of the low level information.
3. The JVC K2 Interface effectively eliminates time base jitter in the digital data stream.

The end result is a compact disc of extraordinarily higher resolution than that of today's conventional compact discs. The 20-Bit K2 Super Coding System allows the listener to hear every subtle sonic nuance from the breathing of the musicians to the explosive crack of the snare drum. Enjoy!

Text is bold exactly where indicated. I thought it was going to slice and dice and make Julienne Fries next.

So...marketing speak? Or do they have a point?

I'm trying to think how recording in 20 bits will benefit a 16-bit playback format, but maybe I don't understand enough about digital audio? And the elimination of jitter? Really?

My Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Oz (which I no longer have as it was stolen) was "mastered in Sony 20-bit" as well and I can't say I remember hearing a difference with that one either.

2006-06-02, 23:04
This is neat folderol.

2006-07-08, 10:39
if i record an analog source at 16 bits and play at 16 bits, i don't have the option to "cut the fat."

however, if i record at 20 bits, and know i will play at only 16, i can keep the best 16 out of th 20, and cut 4 bits of fat.

the trick of course, is to cut the right 4 bits.

as to ozzy, which remaster was it? 95? or 02?

if its the 02 one, many people say its "too" remastered, but regardless, i am pretty sure that is one of the two or three that was actually rerecorded as well with overdubs due to a financial dispute in royalties with the original players. pretty shocking and sick, huh? the trick is to just stick to the 95 remasters, whenever possible.