View Full Version : Squeezebox not starting after sleep

2006-06-02, 01:06
When my computer is asleep, naturally my Squeezebox 2 shows nothing.

But, at times, after I wake the computer (and SlimServer is running) the SB is still dark. This isn't a brightness issue, as pressing the Power key gives the "Waking SlimServer" message - which should of course not be happening - and then the SB just goes dark again. I can regain a connection easily enough, just by holding down the Power key to get to the setup menu and going down to "connect to" and the arrow key, but this should not be necessary.

Using SlimServer 6.2.2, firmware 48, Mac OS 10.4.6. This behaviour is new, I think since my last update of SlimServer, though I have a vague recollection of something similar happening ages ago, probably well before version 6.