View Full Version : 5.0 upgrade problem: can't access web server!

Diego Zamboni
2003-11-21, 00:45

Today I finally had the time to upgrade my server (OS X Server, 10.2.8)
to version 5.0, and experienced the refresh and fail-to-load problems
using Fishbone. After reading this whole thread, I installed the
2003-11-20 pre-release, and everything works perfectly again! It even
feels faster than before. Right now I have Camino and Safari both open
on the web interface, and they are both refreshing perfectly, I can
access the settings, etc.

One small thing I noticed while playing with different skins: the
Standard skin sets the title to "Welcome to SqueezeBox", even when you
have a Slimp3 :-)

Thanks a lot! Good job!


> I've posted a pre-release build here:
> http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/SlimServer_v2003-11-20/
> Please download the appropriate version for your platform and post
> your experiences.