View Full Version : Maxtor Shared Storage

2006-06-01, 07:16
I've recently bought a 500GB Maxtor Shared Storage NAS, very nice, and now containing approx 300GB of music. Next step is to purchase a Squeezebox me thinks.

I currently only have a laptop so ideally wouldn't want to have it switched on all the time.

Has anyone managed to replace the firmware on the Maxtor NAS (like the linkstation technique) to get the Slimserver software running directly on it?

2006-06-01, 08:58
I was about to say 'no', but a little googling took me to this site http://www.openmss.org/ where it appears someone has alternative firmware to open up the Maxtor NAS. From searching that site it looks like they don't have a Perl package yet, which you'll need to install slimserver. But it's on the 'wish list' there, so it's probably worth it for you to check out the forum there.

A review of the 300GB model at Tom's Networking (http://www.tomsnetworking.com/2005/06/02/review_mss/ ) indicates that that model only has 32MB RAM, which could be insufficient for slimserver, though I'm not sure. I have no idea how much RAM your model has, or if you can add RAM.