View Full Version : Play what I tell you to!

2006-05-31, 20:37
For nearly a year now, my Squeezebox v2 has had a mind of its own. When I use the remote to browse for and play an album (i.e. a folder on my fileserver), it works well enough, but it tacks on another 15-20 songs at the end. What?!

When I use the browser (ExBrowse3) it works fine. This was not true a while back, when I was using the default browser (which I believe is called Default2?), where if I hit play in the browser it would load all 10000 songs in my music collection. What?!

I've reinstalled slimserver a couple times (6.2.2 - 5636 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252) since this all started, upgraded firmware (v28?), etc. I've avoided a _complete_ overhaul, because there are many things I'd rather do with my time, and I always figure the next version of SlimServer will solve the problem.

Has anyone experienced behavior like this?! It's to the point where it's embarassing, and I'm a big fan of these things. I even tracked down a used v1 to add to my kitchen. But this thing is making a fool out of me. Help!

2006-05-31, 20:49
Look under Server Settings/Behavior:

When you select a single song and press PLAY on the remote, while browsing albums or folders, you can choose to play just that song or all the songs in that album or directory, starting with that song.

Turn that to "Play only selected song" if that's what you want.