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2006-05-31, 07:51
Hi guys,

Do you know if the Gigabit Linkstation has all the features of the older (100Megabit) Linkstation, including telnet, ftp, and web servers installed?

I 'd like to install SlimServer on the Linkstation so I wouldn't need my laptop on to listen to music and I need to know if I can do that on the Gigabit model. Otherwise I'll go for the older model.

Buffalo, don't say anything on their website about servers installed on the Gigabit Linkstation.

Many thanks,


2006-05-31, 08:39
The gigabit LSs (models HD-HG) come with ftpd installed, but not telnetd or httpd. But to install slimserver -- or any other software -- you need to replace the stock LS firmware with something that gives you telnet (or preferably, ssh) access. The usual route is to install either OpenLink or FreeLink, available from www.linkstationwiki.org.

I am pretty sure that even with the older LinkStations, the current firmware disables telnet access, so you need to do a little hacking even to install slimserver. There are excellent instructions on installing slimserver on LinkStations and other NAS devices in the Slim Devices wiki http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?SlimServer.

2006-05-31, 09:32
Thanks very much for the quick response and the useful info.


2006-05-31, 11:16
No problem. I should also mention that when deciding between LS models, the gigabit models have twice as much RAM (128 vs 64) and faster processors than the other models. There's a hardware summary on the linkstationwiki.org site.