View Full Version : 6.2.2 can't play AACs

2006-05-30, 22:03
Since I upgraded to 6.2.2 (and repaved my machine) I have not been able to play any of my ripped music. It's all ripped into AACs (M4A), which I realize now might not have been the best choice. In any case, with 6.1 I could play them fine since upgrading they won't play.

I'm using iTunes and MusicMagic, both have no problems with the files. I have QuickTime and Lame installed, and currently SlimServer 6.3. After scanning, the tracks appear in the Slim Server library, but clicking on them reveals no information.

When browsing from the SB or SoftSqueeze, I can see the albums and artists but not the tracks. When I select an album it shows the correct number of tracks but the song titles are all empty. Trying to pull up the song infomation from the SB usually shows the correct file url but no other information (although when I just tried it now from the SoftSqueeze it showed a file error).

If I knew for sure that 6.1 would work properly I'd probably go back. But I'm not 100% sure there isn't something wrong with my setup.

any help would be appreciated.