View Full Version : Volume Adjustment/Replay Gain problem

2006-05-30, 19:45

I recently switched my Slim Server from a PC to a Mac. The switch was smooth except for one problem: all of my MP3 tags (on over 35,000 files) up to the switchover include Replay Gain info from J. River's Media Center and now also contain iTunes's Volume Adjustment information, but my post-switchover mp3s contain only iTunes's Volume Adjustment information. When I play the pre-switch mp3s on the Squeezebox, their volume is adjusted according to the Replay Gain info from MC and when I play post-switch mp3s, I presume there is either no volume adjustment taking place or it's being adjusted according to the iTunes VA information. In any case, the volumes of the pre- and post-switch mp3s are not level when played back to back.

Does anyone have an idea of how to rectify this? Can the Server or the Squeezebox somehow be told to read the iTunes VA tags for all files and ignore the MC RG tags? Or am I just gonna have to figure out a way to remove the RG info from the tags, which isn't easy because MC writes it in a special part of the ID3V2 tag.

I realize this is probably a somewhat peculiar problem, so any help will be greatly appreciated.