View Full Version : Question On How To Properly Tag/Burn CD's

2006-05-30, 14:23
I've got about 600 cd's that I used EAC to rip to FLAC format that I completed last month (used Hydrogenaudio's recommended options selected). Since then I've been trying to clean up the tags it generated using MusicBrainz and MP3Tagger and wound up screwing up all of the tags it had created.

Consequently I'm in the process of re-ripping all of the CD's so I can get a good clean rip with appropriate tags. My question is what is the best program to use to 'verify' that all of the original CD tags were done correctly? MusicBrainz is good, but it's so manual that I've spent hours doing tags, only to discover I accidentally clicked on several tags that were incorrect. EAC's freeDB 'tagger' will sometimes have blank or incorrect album titles (as compared to the previous disc it burned in a set series, i.e. double album).

Is there a way to completely clean all tags and use another program to re-verify and tag them correctly? Or should I re-rip and then use some other program to properly manage the tags? I spent numerous hours doing the first rip so any suggestions on how to avoid re-ripping all the CDs again would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

2006-05-30, 20:59
I use EAC to rip my CD's but don't worry too much about what it gets for it's tags, as long as it is close enough.

I then use Tag&Rename to make sure everything is as it should be. It's pretty easy to use.

If your tags are really screwed up, you can probably still use it to get fresh data. I can't remember all the places it looks for info, but Amazon is one source. It'll even pull down album reviews and cover art.