View Full Version : Squeezebox locks up on expired Shoutcast links

2006-05-30, 11:49
Using Slimserver 6.3.

I set up some Shoutcast stations as Favorites by saving as Favorites in Internet Explorer; copying the link from there to Tune into Stations; playing the link from the Slimserver and then adding to Favorites in Slimserver by using the Squeezebox remotewith right select whilst the station was playing.

After several days the link expires (won't play on Winamp either). On selecting the station via Favorites on the Sqeezebox remote the Squeezebox locks up. (Any other method to have persistent Shoutcast links??).

Cannot recover via the Slimserver or the Squeezebox; Slimserver will not restart properly. Only way to recover is power down the Squeezebox; reboot the PC; restart Slimserver; Power On Squeezebox.

Any other combination does not work.

Most annoying and time wasting.....