View Full Version : "Phantom" tags - WTF do they come from?!

2006-05-29, 11:49
Was having a few problems with 'corrupt' tags. Date tags in particular were not being displayed, even though the MP3s were correctly tagged. Full rescan (from within web interface) didn't fix it so I took a backup and then actually deleted the .sql file from the hard drive.

And now I see a dodgy tag and I can't figure out where it came from. In my defence, the MP3 is one of my wife's ;) But the problem is so irritating, I'm willing to brave the shame and embarrassment, and disclose details of the offending MP3:

"Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This".

There is only 1 file on the server like this - it has the same filename, except with a '.mp3' on the end.

Yet slimserver can see 2 tracks:

"Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This"
"Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta Get Thru This"

When I try to display track details of the "phantom" one, nothing is there - e.g. slim can't tell me which file this bad data is coming from. I have checked the tags and ALL versions of ID3 tags are synchronised - I can't find any bad data anywhere. So where is slimserver finding the bad data???

The data is good in MoodLogic interface, too - I had automaticaly assumed ML was the cause, but it checked out fine.

Bear in mind that this is after physically deleting the slim database and rebuilding it from scratch - there should be no cache of any sort (?)

How do I track and/or remove this bad data from the slimserver??

Any help appreciated. Cheers!

2006-05-30, 00:03
Two suggestions, neither of which are wholly convincing:

(1) the bad name exists in a playlist somewhere? (Move all your playlists out of the way and do a fresh scan)

(2) the file has both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags and they contain different information? (use mp3tag to see if it has both types and if necessary remove one of them)


2006-05-30, 00:33
I checked both versions of the tag information (v1 and v2) but couldn't find any problems.

I'll check the playlists - I don't actually use playlists (and it wouldn't be a track that was recently played) although I know that MoodLogic generates loads of playlists, so I'll see if maybe it's that.


2006-05-30, 01:51
I've had problems like this in the past, and it has been down to rogue .m3u files stored in and amongst my .mp3's.