View Full Version : Squeezebox3 network bridge.

2006-05-28, 22:08
i have a Squeezebox3 and it is working just fine over the wriless
the problem im having is that i can not get the network bridge to work.
the computer see the conection and i have the network bridge turend on.
but all i get is limited or no connectiveity on my computer,
i have trayed bouth standard and crossover cables bouth with the same limited or no connectiveity.
i have trayed difrent computers.
im runing winXP pro

IP address:
Bridge wireless to ethernet: Yes
firmware version: 43

any help?

2006-05-28, 23:02
Sounds like the DHCP on the computer isn't working - try assigning IP and gateway etc manually.

2006-05-28, 23:57
Thanks for the replay.
I trayed what you sed but i can not ping the gateway or any thang.
i allso trayed conecting it to the WAN of a router to see if it could pick somthing up. but no luck..
i also trayed going thow a swich..
no luck.
could it be a problem with the box?

2006-05-29, 09:19
Well I guess it could be, but it doesn't sound like a hardware problem. You might want to drop a line to support and see what they say, they can probably walk you through some troubleshooting in more detail.