View Full Version : Fishbone is not displayed good on 1 PC

2006-05-28, 10:43
I've setup slimserver 6.2.2 stable on my Linux server.
From 2 clients i can see the skin perfectly, but on 1 computer it is terrible. See attached picture.

All the clients work with windows XP-SP2 anf IE6

what could this be ?

2006-05-28, 10:55
looks like it isn't loading the style sheet. odd.

have you tried emptying the cache etc?

do other skins (like Default) work? you can try it quickly by going to

2006-05-28, 11:15
I've emptied the cache on the windows PC, but this did not work
I could not find the cache on my server.

The default skin is loading perfectly. I think that the rest is working.
I've tried 'ExBrowse3' which look lie 'Fishbone' and this is working good.