View Full Version : Itune playlists gone

2006-05-27, 19:45
My itunes playlists have dissapeared from Slim Server on my laptop.
I 've tried many of the solutions suggested in the forums for re-connecting to the playlists and none seem to work.
The folder where the music is located was copied from my home PC and inseted into my laptop so the settings should be the same. I have compared all the server settings and they match (other than the machine names)However my home PC works fine and the slimserver on my lap top can't find the playlists.
I have had no problem locating them in the past but after adding some music this morning they were gone. I tried clearing all the folder locations in the itunes section of the sever setting and re-inserting, no luck. I also re-started the program several times. Itunes is running fine so I know the file for playlists is working and not corrupted. Slimserver has no problem locating all the other music info, just the playlists are MIA

2006-05-29, 02:16
Maybe it's not related to iTunes playlists. With some of the latest nightlies there has been introduced a bug that playlists disappear in slimserver. See here (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3427).

If that's your problem please vote for this bug.