View Full Version : problems installing SlimServer Announcement Script

2006-05-26, 15:16

I'm trying to install the SlimServer Announcement Script (http://www.gwendesign.com/slimserver/dev_software.htm#announcement) but am having problems.

I copied announcement0.6.pl to the plugins directory and restarted SlimServer. The new plugin doesn't appear in the ServerSettings->Plugins list. I then noticed all the other plugins end with .pm, not .pl. So I renamed the file to announcement0.6.pm and restarted SlimServer.

Now SlimServer won't complete startup. Is there a log I can check? Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks in advance for any help,

2006-05-26, 17:29
Ah, just realized it's not a plug-in... just a plain 'ol perl script.