View Full Version : Using SS with Flac & also MoodLogic

2006-05-26, 00:17
I have just started using MoodLogic with my SB3 and it is great. However, it only works with MP3 or WMA. I rip into both FLAC & MP3 so have both copies available but want the option to play FLAC on the SB3 as well as Moodlogic MP3. I tried scanning the SS library with the FLAC files and then enabled Moodlogic in SS (with all the MP3 files activated). I can browse and play the FLAC files and can see if any files are mixable but can't create or see any Moodlogic playlists. Any suggestions?

2006-05-26, 15:23

I've never used MoodLogic so I'm no help at all... but... if no one gets back to you on this post you might want to post it in Plugins or General since this question isn't really a ripping/transcoding issue. Just a thought...