View Full Version : Anyone else hearing blips of crud in a stream

2006-05-25, 19:00
Sorry for the title - can't think of a way to say it in one line.

I'm running latest 6.3 and an SB3. But this is not a new issue.

When I'm playing a live stream, and I think more often soon after its started after playing something else, I hear a very short segment which is clearly out of place.

For example, a spoken word fragment in the middle of an instrumental passage. The fragments are quite short, and when it happens there will often be several fragments different from each other.

In implementation terms, it sounds like what I'd expect if a stale buffer fragment was either played by the SB3 or sent to it by the server.

I can't reproduce this. I can't prove its not in the source stream. So I'm trying to find out if others are experiencing this.

The last time it happened, I was listening to the WCPE 128kb mp3 feed.

2006-05-25, 20:38
That's exactly the sort of thing that I hear when using Softsqueeze when streaming mp3 from my home server over the Internet. Most often it happens when I skip a track. Just before the new track starts I'll hear a very small fragment of the skipped track. But I also get the same thing when changing radio stations in SoftSqueeze.

I know I've never heard it when listening to flac files from the local server. I think it's exactly what you say - stale data that doesn't get flushed from the buffer. Could it be difficulty in dealing with mp3 streams?