View Full Version : shoutCast doesn't work with SqueezeNetwork ?

2006-05-25, 13:32
Hi !

I've just purchased SB3 (2 days ago) and it works fine, but I have a strange problem
ShoutCast stations works OK with SlimServer
but I can't connect to ANY ShoutCAST station from SqueezeNetwork

Any idea what to do ?

The rest of Internet Radio on SqueezeNetworks work OK

Thanks in advance for the help

2006-05-27, 14:49
Mine doesn't work either. It hasn't really worked that well for a month or so. Used to be great. Lately, when it works, you can't get to many of the stations, or only 50 or so stations will show up.

2006-05-27, 16:28
Actualy It has been working OK for a couple of days now.
Looks like it's the shoutCast problem. Well it comes for free so nobody garanteed it would work all the time, unfortunately