View Full Version : Slimsever 6.2.2 on intel mac so slow it's unusable.

2006-05-25, 00:59

I used to run slimserver on a Linux box, with the music stored on a NAS device. That Linux box just died on me so I moved to server to my new Intel iMac. (I used the Mac 6.2.2 dmg file)
And there I found out that it is barely usable.

- The web interface is slow. It takes _several minutes_ before a page appears at times. During that time music playback stops.
- The interface on the box is slow too. To the point of being unusable. It takes between 10-20 seconds for the display to react to key presses on the remote. Half of the time "lost contact with slimserver" apears between updates.

All this time the slimserver process only consumes about 3-4% of CPU power. So it is obviously not a computer performance problem.

My music library contains abvout 13000 songs by 800 artists. It when browsing the music folder that the server is so slow.

What can I do about this?

2006-06-01, 09:51
Hi... I'm unaware of any issues with Intel Macs currently. Is it possible that something is running in Rosetta in the background? (Did you possibly migrate from a PPC Mac to the new Intel one?)

Is your music folder possibly a mounted share or osmething like that?

Does this /only/ happen when browsing music folder?

2006-06-02, 02:31
I used to run slimserver on a Linux box, with the music stored on a NAS device. That Linux box just died on me so I moved to server to my new Intel iMac.

KristVB, bar the NAS device this is almost identical to my current situation. My Linux box has finally died and I am about to embark down the Intel iMac route. I would be interested to find out whether you manage to troubleshoot this via Kevin's Rosetta suggestion.

I was hoping that dual core would be better suited to running server applications in the background while doing other things in the foreground as I am planning to only have one home computer.

2006-06-02, 08:08
If it's slow browsing the music folder but OK when browsing the db (e.e. browse artists etc) then it sounds like the NAS or the interface to it. I wouldn't worry about the mac itself, that's a plenty fast machine.

2006-06-03, 22:31
I can't help with KristVB's problem and hope it gets cleared up soon, but given the concern expressed by kefa (and probably shared by some other readers), I just wanted to note that I've been running SlimServer without complaints on an Intel-based iMac for some months now. Whatever's making KristVB's setup "barely usable," I jpoin kevin and radish in saying it's not a general problem with Macs.

Without going into tedious detail, I'll mention that my current library (FLAC and MP3) is about twice the size of Krist's, filling several hundreds gigs of space spread over several shared external hard drives, served over an AirPort Express (802.11g). The performance is generally excellent.

(I don't find the Web interface always reliable, but it's never occurred to me to blame the Mac for that--and however slow the page is to update, I've never had the problem of playback stopping on that account.)

I'll sign off but follow future developments on this thread with interest.