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2006-05-24, 02:32
Hi all,

I am a proud and happy user of three SB1. Having waited this long to
upgrade, I can/might wait some more, but I am lusting for that better
DSP and for that larger screen and...

There have been numerous discussions on this list of smaller form factor
units or outdoor units or speaker integrated units from Slimedevices.
(oops, that was an honest typo.) I mean Slim Devices!

What do you all consider _likely_ upgrades for them to include when its
time? Given that Slim Devices want to stay on the path of shipping only
one unit, and not multiple variants?

What is Sean working on right now? ;-)

What parts of the current _hardware_ design is there any point in
upgrading, from Slim Devices point of view? Nothing? Perfect already?
Come on. I am personally not particularly interested in Pandora and such
_services_ , but possibly video out so that I might attach the unit to a
TV for browsing, or 802.11n support or color screen for album art
preview... or integrated power (there we go... cheating on my own
discussion constraints already). They are probably not interested in
putting a $1000 DSP in, even if some of us here would appreciate it.
What features/upgrades are mainstream enough in their current customer base?


Not that I think that Slim will upgrade any time soon. Slim are finally
starting to get decent distribution in Stockholm/Sweden. At least I am
seeing their stuff sold more places, and I know that you don't want to
upgrade too often/soon and piss retailers off in getting rid of surplus
stock just as you got them on the boat. Again, not that Slim would base
their product release cycle on the Stockholm market, but still.

And I also want to proudly mention that I talked a hifi reseller of
Sonos to consider Slim instead/also, yesterday, as I spent too much
money on new speakers.

2006-05-24, 05:50
I doubt you will hear anything other than speculation as to what's coming next. It's not really in Slims interest to talk about R&D. Doing so will slow sales of existing units, and also give the competition some insight as to whats in the pipeline, which can hurt a small company. Personally I would like them to concentrate on improving their existing design, and keep the costs low. I don't really like the idea of integrated speakers, unless they can be optionally slotted onto the side, or something. Keep it modular I say.


2006-05-24, 10:59
On May 24, 2006, at 2:32 AM, Peter Nġu wrote:
> What is Sean working on right now? ;-)

His taxes.

2006-05-24, 12:11
dean blackketter wrote:
> On May 24, 2006, at 2:32 AM, Peter Nġu wrote:
>> What is Sean working on right now? ;-)
> His taxes.

Reassuring. In Sweden taxes were due May 1st. Say hello to Sean from all
of us ;-) /p