View Full Version : Networked Stream Audio from HiFi Source eg CD using Squeezebox

2006-05-23, 15:49

I have 2 SB2's and 1 Sb3. I was wondering if there is anyway to stream audio eg from a CD player (analogue or digital) using the squeezebox/local network? I know Sonos does this, but it there any way using SB.



2006-05-23, 16:38
Not currently. But a number of people have asked for it. I think there may even be an enhancement request for it.

2006-05-23, 23:12
And you can buy software that broadcasts streamed audio, and set SlimServer (and the SBs) to pick up the broadcast.

2006-05-24, 01:55
You would need to feed the audio into a PC card, either analogue or digital. If the PC is Windows based than use WinAmp with the oddcast plugin. Set oddcast to live recording and install Ice cast on the PC. Configure the oddcast to feed Icecast and tune your Squeezeboxes into the Icecast URL. The stream will be in ogg by default although MP3 can be used if you prefer but there is currently no way of using a lossless protocol so it is not perfect.

If your PC is unix then you will need to use Icecast and Ices2 as above.

2006-05-24, 02:38
maybe not the same thing, i've written a plugin to playback CDs from a pc drive. it uses cdda2wav or cdparanoia to get an exact(ish) extraction and cddb to get track titles etc. you can add CD tracks in your normal playlist and if you have more than one drive then you can add tracks from both discs. still a work in progress but if there's interest i will post it here in rough form.

alternatively, streaming from an audio input on your server should be fairly straight forward.