View Full Version : 5.0 upgrade problem: can't access web server!

2003-11-20, 10:06
Thanks everyone for the replies. Jonathan Schwatrz is helping out....
should have a fix today.

On Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 09:03 AM, Chuck Rice wrote:

>> Neither Dean nor I have been able to reproduce this problem yet...
>> need some help here folks.
>> I'm running the server at the office on Windows, and at home on Linux.
>> Dean does all his development and testing on OSX 10.3.
>> I'm also running the 5.0.0 server here on OSX 10.2.8 (g4 tower).
>> On none of these systems can I get the slow web interface bug to
>> happen. Tried with no clients connected, with one slimp3, two
>> slimp3s, a squeezebox, two slimp3s and a squeezebox... no dice.
>> If someone can reproduce this reliably and would like to help out,
>> please contact me or dean. If you're willing to let one of us log in
>> remotely to troubleshoot on your machine, that would be immensely
>> helpful.
> I can give you Timbuktu (or you physical access if you want, I am near
> the San Jose Airport) to a 10.3.1 system that demonstrates the
> Fishbone problem. I had the "no webpage at all" problem under 10.2.8
> till I upgraded to 10.3.1. I think that 10.3 installs a new version of
> perl. -Chuck-
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