View Full Version : Nokia 770 Skin Not Refreshing

2006-05-19, 05:40
<This message originally posted on another forum, but I think it belongs here>

Ben, first: thanks for building this skin, it's great, and I'm delighted to have it on my new 770.

I have a small problem. After the display goes to sleep (but the 770 is still running), if I touch the screen to wake it up, the now-playing display has old information. Sometimes I can click the refresh button and it will update - sometimes when I do that, it ignores me. If I then close the browser and reopen it, all is OK until the display goes to sleep again.

I'm on the May 5th build of 6.5b1, running SlimServer on a Mac Mini, with a pretty standard 802.11 b/g (Linksys) for the 770 to use. All other connections are hard-wired Ethernet.

I found an option on the 770 to set in the control panel, that set the idle times for the WLAN connection - I set them to unlimited, hoping this would help. It didn't.

I'm happy to try a newer build, if you think that will help.