View Full Version : Playlist support broken in 6.3.0 (playlists disappear)

2006-05-17, 15:58
I am using slimserver 6.3.0 7443 on Linux. Since one of the latest nightlies it seems that playlist support is broken. All my existing playlists are dissapeared after my last wipe and rescan (although the corresponding m3u-files still exist in the playlist directory). After a search for playlists only the playlists do also not show up in slimserver.
I created a new test playlist in slimserver and after a search for playlists only this new playlist did also no longer exist in slimserver.

I did not find a corresponding bug on bugzilla. Is that bug known or should I create a bug report? Can anybody confirm this bug before I create a bug report.

2006-05-18, 04:47
I just tried to reproduce this but on a Windows test system (with the latest nighlty of 6.3.0). But with this Windows version my playlists don't dissapear and everything is ok.

So is this a Linux related problem or only a problem related to my own configuration (in this case I don't want to file a bug report)? Can anybody please confirm if with the 6.3.0 Linux version playlists do still work or do not work as described above?


2006-05-18, 05:08
I'm running SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 7431 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252.

I've had no problems with playlists and I made a minor change to a playlst and ran a re-scan without issue.

Have you checked the Unix permissions on the playlist files ??
What's the output of the debugging flags during a rescan?

2006-05-18, 14:17
I installed the 6.3.0 version of May 6, 2006 and playlists work again. Then I installed the 6.3.0 version of May 8, 2006 and alle playlists dissapear as soon as I make a scan for playlists only (same behavior as with the 6.3.0 version of May 17, 2006).
I again went back to the May 6, 2006 version and it's ok again.

There seems to be introduced a bug between May 6 and 8. I am using the Linux version not Windows.

2006-05-19, 13:21
I have similar problems:
Slimserver: 6.3.0 - 7443 - Windows 2000
Edit. I do not use Itunes, or musicmatch, these plugins are not active in my preferences

I added manually a few new songs to an existing m3u file as I do for years now.
Rescan playlist only: no playlists anymore
empty and rescan: no playlist
deleting cache directory and rescan: no playlists anymore
Remove SlimServer and re-install: no playlists anymore

Then I created some playlists with the webinterface, they do appear in the interface.

I can't do a rescan now to test if they stay. I will have arguments with the kids if the playlists disappear again....:-)

There is something strange happening with playlists lately.

Any tips?

Thanks, Willem

2006-05-19, 13:39
There is something strange happening with playlists lately.

Any tips?

Don't run beta versions if the rest of your family uses the slimserver. I learned it the hard way. :)

2006-05-19, 14:58
Hi there

I did the following to get my playlists back:

- Temporarily remove the path for the music folder
- Do a rescan -> Playlists reappear
- Add the music folder again (SlimServer will do a rescan automatically)

But as soon as I do a clean & rescan the playlist are gone again.


2006-05-20, 13:21
SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 7475 - Windows 2000 - EN - cp1252

I keep using the nightly updates hoping this problem is addressed. I'm having the same problem as above...playlists disappear.

2006-06-10, 10:42
Just wondering if any more progress has been made on this most annoying playlist problem. Playlist made at the SB with the remote show up only until a forced or scheduled rescan. Then, even though they are still in the playlist directory on the server, they no longer are accessible from the SB or the web interface.

At home I'm running the server on Windows XP:
SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 7764 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

I'm also having issues at work on Mac OSX / 6.3.0 nightly from June 8.


2006-06-10, 10:52
A fix was checked in with the 09 June nightly, which is working for some people (most ?) but not all. All fixed for me using SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 7837 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252.

2006-06-10, 14:07
I'll check it out and see what happens. Thanks...

UPDATE: The June 10th nightly fixed the issue for me on WinXP... Thanks for everyone's time...