View Full Version : Version 6.3 -- Live Music Archive

2006-05-17, 15:43
I just noticed Live Music Archive in the latest version 6.3. Now that's what I'm talking about!

2006-05-17, 15:54
Isn't it great!

The plugin has actually been around for a couple of years but they've only now rolled it into the releases. So even 6.2 and earlier folks can download it from the plugin page...

2006-05-17, 15:55
It was there in earlier versions but we're glad that you've discovered it.
Of course, like Squeezebox, it's a great example of how 'open source' communities make things keep getting better with age and support from the community.

2006-05-17, 16:00
I've been using the Live Music Archive site for a while. It took a day to download a show then I would decide whether I liked it. This is much better -- instant access to thousands of shows. Great job.