View Full Version : internet radio quandry

2006-05-17, 03:37
Began getting an odd mssage in the last few days when I attempt to access internet radio stations (one of my favorite features) on the limServer Version: 6.5b1 - 7433 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252. This occurs on all shoutcast, live music archive, slimserver picks, etc.:

There was an error loading the remote feed for SHOUTcast Internet Radio: (Failed to connect to content.us.squeezenetwork.com:8080. Perl's error is 'Bad file descriptor'. )

Any ideas where/what may have caused this or have encountered. Reinstallation did not resolve the issue

2006-05-19, 12:36
I'm a new user (4 days) & had to drop the 6.2.2 release because of the hanging problem on XP reported elsewhere in the forum.

I've got the same problem as you but with 6.3 ( today's build & also Wednesday's).

I also get:
There was an error loading the remote feed for : (Failed to connect to news.bbc.co.uk:80. Perl's error is 'Bad file descriptor'. )
using the RSS plugin. So far (admittedly, not long) I've not managed to get my server to connect to the internet at all.

I'm just using a DSL-604+, cable to the server & wireless to player. Network stats seem OK, browsing from the machine running the server is fine & music streaming is good.

Maybe I should have posted in the beginner's section ?