View Full Version : Polishing the SB3 Plastic Face Plate

2006-05-16, 05:04
I stumbled across a web site where a guy detailed how he polished the scratches off of his iPod Nano with Brasso. He got great results. Has anyone had the nerve to try this with the SP3's plastic face plate?

Mark Lanctot
2006-05-16, 06:34
The plastic face plate or the aluminum face plate?

The aluminum plate is, as you know, brushed aluminum so the scratches are on purpose.

The plastic face plate, well that's a good question. I've been thinking about something like this myself. On damaged CDs, I use a CD repair kit, which simply consists of a tough kind of paper towel (I believe it's made by hydroentanglement (http://www.engr.utk.edu/mse/pages/Textiles/Spunlace.htm) of plastic fibres), a buffing compound and 2500-grit wet sandpaper. I've almost run out of the buffing compound and I'm considering switching to automotive buffing compound. It's finding the right grittiness that's the problem, but if you find the right one, scratches buff right out. It would surely work on the SB3 faceplate but it's finding the right grit that's tricky.

The thing with doing this work - you have to press VERY hard, more or less as hard as you can push, and rub as hard as you can until you feel heat building up! I used to rub so hard that after a while the towel would rip and I'd be rubbing with my bare skin, which caused burns. I now use a rubber glove, which you should use anyway if you're going to use Brasso.

But I'd advise to try automotive buffing compound as well.

In regards to a buffing "towel" you need something much stronger than a paper towel - it will rip in seconds. I'm considering using a J-Cloth, but its web may be too porous.

So based on my experience with CDs I'd say it's possible. It would be difficult to put the required pressure on the SB3 since it won't lay flat though.