View Full Version : Is there a 'song preview' plugin or option?

2006-05-15, 20:18
I was wondering if it were possible to hear a song on the computer before adding it to the playlist?

I know I could look up the song in it's directory on the computer and play it but sometimes the file name differs from the tags shown in the slimserver (and it takes a lot longer to find some songs on the computer; especially if they are embedded in many sub-folders.)

Is there an option or plugin to play a song through winamp on the computer from the song lists on slimserver?


2006-05-16, 01:24
You could use Softsqueeze i guess, works just the same way as a Squeezebox

2006-05-16, 11:56
If you drill down to the song info for the song (via the web interface), there is a "download" link next to the Location property. You could always click that to launch it locally.