View Full Version : Slow user playlist scanning

2006-05-15, 12:53
Hi, I've recently upgraded from slimserver 5.4.0 to 6.5 snapshots because I needed Intel/mac support.

I had written an 'extension' to the Slimserver GUI using CGI to allow editing of Ratings (which I store in the ID3 comments tag) and were then built into iTunes-like Smart Playlists via a cron job and id3 CLI tools.

Since 6.1, it appears playlists are now stored in the SQLLite DB, but there is a 'Rescan Playlist' option which should allow me to build my m3u files as normal, drop them in Playlists directory, and use the rescan to populate them in the DB.

Problem is, this takes about 20 minutes per playlist to scan, and SlimServers is totally unresponsive during that time. These playlists contain maybe a few hundred albums, but this DB population step just seems horribly slow.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to speed this up? Am I encountering a bug on the 6.5 unstable builds?