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2003-11-19, 18:19
That's correct, squeezebox will play decoded flac without transcoding -
it's sent as PCM, and the whole path is lossless - what comes out the
S/PDIF is what was on the CD.

We are investigating the possibility of running FLAC client side, to
save network bandwidth. I've estimated the CPU requirement for our
processor and I believe it'll work, but the proof is in the putting, as
they say.

On Wednesday, November 19, 2003, at 02:44 PM, Jason Holtzapple wrote:

> --- Michael Jones <zaphf (AT) charter (DOT) net> wrote:
>> I am considering purchase of the squeezebox, but I want to ensure it
>> will
>> support flac without encoding it to mp3. The documentation of how
>> this works
>> seems to be hiding from me.
>> flc wav * *
>> flac -d $FILE$ | $lame$ --silent -b $BITRATE$ - -
> This would only work on the new squeezebox. I think you'd need mp3
> instead
> of wav for slimp3:
> flc mp3 * *
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