View Full Version : Wireless SB1g: menus messed up, wireless broken

2006-05-15, 08:29
A friend and I bought two wireless SB1-g's, both shipped with firmware v40. His works beautifully. Mine, of course, has a broken menu system and the wireless doesn't work:

In the menu, the option to connect wirelessly never appears. Here's the trick to access them (yes this took forever): Power up while holding +add. "Factory Reset" never appears, instead the unit goes directly to wired networking options, BUT I can then navigate *backwards* from the DHCP configs into them. Strangely, you can even reverse right past the wireless options and it loops back into them! All the wireless options are there, but...

...the unit will NOT connect to my wireless router (Netgear WGR614v6), even under ideal conditions (right next to router, 802.11b only, no encryption, broadcasting SSID, SSID specified in the SB). Again, the other identical unit connects and performs fine. Refreshing the firmware via ethernet connected to SS6.2.2 offered no change.

User mitip had a similar experience with the unit some time after v40, but on his device the *wired* options refused to show:

One thing I haven't tried yet is downgrading the FW by connecting to SS5.0.

I've CC this to support.


2006-05-15, 15:25
Does the Squeezebox work if you connect it using the ethernet connection. I upgraded the box to firmware 40 and ran it using the wired connection but the wireless should be working too.

If the wired connection works you can try your idea of forcing it to go back to the old firmware.


BTW - if you can not get it to work I will refund your money.