View Full Version : Is anybody running slimverver on a VIA C3 and XP?

2006-05-14, 00:55
Like many others I've got a couple of old PCs sitting under the stairs being put to various tasks, one of which is running slimserver.

I've recently been looking at the heat, power draw and noise of that setup so I'm thinking of consolodating the whole lot into a NAS and a small head unit.

The boxes are currently used for:

- Domain controller (historical reasons, don't ask, it may not even happen in the rebuild)
- file server
- SlimServer (107GB/~4000 tracks, mix of FLAC and MP3).
- SQL server
- source control server

The last two are services that will be running, but will be so lightweight I don't really need to spec for them apart from RAM.

The current SlimServer box is a Celeron 2.4 / 512MB RAM. Can anyone shed any light on the comparative performance of something like the new C3 1300? Is it man enough for the job if I fill it with RAM?

Alternatively, does anyone have any other bright ideas for a low power draw, quiet box that doesn't need any fancy TV or video features and will just hum quietly to itself under the stairs?



2006-05-14, 01:19
If you were just looking for quiet, you could accomplish that with an ultra quiet CPU heatsink/fan and quiet power supply.

If you also need low power draw you may want to look into the VIA chips, but I don't have any experience with them so I can't give you any advice there.

Here are some sites you may want to check out (if you haven't already):

Something else you may want to consider if you go with a normal PC: Most people buy way more power supply than they need. If you are going with a machine without a fancy video card and a minimum of disks, you don't need some giant power supply. Here is a great guide to determine what you really need to power your computer and its components: http://shsc.info/PowerSupplyGuide/

I am running my slimserver, along with a web server, file server, database server on an Athlon 1.2. I got the Minuet II case from Antec: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=15101 and picked up a fairly cheap CPU fan from newegg to upgrade the stock heatsink/fan and the thing is close to silent.

2006-05-14, 02:35
Thanks for the links, I'll have a look at those. I think part of what I need to do is replace the stack of small disks I've amassed over the years with one of the nice WD 400GB RE jobbies. That should certainly cut down on the noise!

Noise is a big factor but heat is also a concern too, which is why I was thinking of the really small CPUs. Modern desktop chips run stupidly hot; My main PC is a chunky P4 with a decent graphics card and it's actually quieter than the servers I've described due to upgraded heatsinks etc etc. The exhaust is like a furnace though and raises the ambient room temperature by a more than a few degrees, which is what I want to avoid for the other boxes.

2006-05-14, 03:25
My general purpose server is Linux/Debian Sarge running on a VIA 900Mhz, with 256Mb RAM in an old Shuttle small form factor case. The original CPU heatsink/fan has been replaced with a passive heatsink - temperatures remain under 50C under full load.

Slimserver uses minimal resources under normal use and I don't generally run into problems even if the CPU is under full load with other tasks. The only time things really lag is when doing a library scan but I think this is quite normal even on more powerful hardware.

I only ran XP on the box for a short time so don't have much experience of this. It was a bit sluggish to use as a general purpose desktop but would probably cope with just running a few server processes I would imagine.


2006-05-14, 03:39
Can anyone shed any light on the comparative performance of something like the new C3 1300? Is it man enough for the job if I fill it with RAM?
In the early days before I built a dedicated box for Slimserver, I started out by just installing it onto the household email/file server, which is a 533MHz VIA Eden CPU mini-ITX mobo with 256MB RAM, running Win2K. It was perfectly up to the job *except* when called on to transcode on the fly (in this case Ogg Vorbis -> WAV). Then it got its knickers in a serious twist, and you could wait several seconds for a track to start playing. So if you're only planning to stream stuff like MP3/FLAC/WAV without server transcoding, then I think you will be fine.

2006-05-14, 04:12
I run mine on an Epia M1000 and have never had any problems, I have a slightly smaller library, but the PC is also used as a PVR.

2006-05-14, 15:05
Thanks for the responses guys, looks like the EPIA style board would do what I need. There are a couple of new models on the horizon that look to be about twice as fast as the current range while drawing less power - seems like a sound idea to me! (http://www.epiacenter.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=87)