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2006-05-13, 16:40
i have noticed with the most recent firmware and slimserver software
that volume levels seem to be lower than the software and firmware of around 6 months ago.i am using the same equipment and speakers and have noticed that music i downloaded 2 years ago and currently under varoius formats(apple lossless,128,320 aac,mpeg,etc)all have lower
volume at the same volume postion of my preamp. i have increased the squeezebox 2 volume level from around 18 6-8 months ago to around 25 to get the same volume i had then.by the way,the sound quality overall at lower volume seems to have improved over 8 months ago.

has anyone else noticed this or is my hearing going bad?

2006-05-13, 17:01
Depending on what you compare it, yes, it has changed: around firmware 15 someone fixed the volume table to make the values scale evenly. (Until then it was really icky, especially on the low end.)

So 0 is still 0, 40 is still 40....

But things in the middle have a proper curve.

2006-05-13, 18:07
thankyou for your reply.i think the sound quality has improved since the earlier firmware versions.i have tweaked the volume levels a little to compensate for the change.