View Full Version : Issues with slimserver and flac

Jason Holtzapple
2003-11-19, 17:18
--- Michael Jones <zaphf (AT) charter (DOT) net> wrote:
> I'm planning on a squeezebox (if this can be resolved), but this isn't the
> issue. I can't see any flac files when I'm browsing my music directory via
> the web interface. I don't have any hardware product yet. slimserver isn't
> recognizing the .flac extension during a scan. All indication on how this
> works point to that it should.

If Slim Devices says they are going to support FLAC in all the press
releases, you can bet they're going to support FLAC.

There is a server setting in 'behavior' about browsing by filename or
id3v2 tag. Make sure this is set to filename if you don't have tags
in your flacs.


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