View Full Version : BBC multicast trial

2006-05-12, 04:11
fyi in the UK the BBC and ITV are doing a multicast trial where certain BBC and ITV TV and radio stations are being streamed over the internet.

Access is meant to be restricted only to the UK AND is available only through certain ISPs, but Slim gurus in the UK may be interested in looking at this to see if there could be good integration between this trial and Slim.

TV is being streamed in Real, Windows and H264 and radio in Real and AAC.

Details at www.bbc.co.uk/multicast

This is a trial and I know that a number of ISPs haven't got it working properly yet...

2006-05-12, 12:57
Last time that I tried it, mplayer didn't support the multicast protocol which is a shame, as Realaudio at 132k sounds so much better than the regular 44k.