View Full Version : Frequent SS crash after upgrade to 6.2.2

2006-05-12, 01:40
Recently (3 days ago) upgraded slimserver from something like 6.0.2. On the older version, I could lave it running for literally weeks - either playing, or just sitting idle with the RSS ticker scrolling across the SB screen.

After installing the latest 6.2.2 version, the software has crashed a number of times - at least twice per day. Most recently, I accidentally left it idle overnight last night; the RSS ticker was active at around 11pm last night but this morning (around 8:30) the display was dark.

When this happens, the slimtray icon still shows the application as running. If I try to stop and restart the application using the slimtray, it (apparently) stops fine but on attempting to restart it never makes it. The slimtray says "slimserver starting" but the app never comes up. In fact, to bring it back, I have to forcibly kill "slim.exe" (using pskill from sysinternals) and then restart it. It's either that or reboot the PC!!

I'm running:
ss 6.2.2 + slimscrobbler 0.32 + alienbbc 1.02a (for 6.2.x) + MusicIP 1.6b2 (installed as a service)
Win2k sp4, with latest MS hotfixes and updates
McAfee VSE 8.0.0 with latest updates
"Folding@Home" software (similar to "SETI@Home" etc)

The hardware is
Celeron 1.4GHz
SB1 - final f/w revision, I think...

Anyone encountered problems with 6.2.2 like this? Any tips on how I can figure out why this crashes? Or do I need to revert to an earlier version? :(


EDIT: forgot to mention - music library is something like 6250 tracks, 99.9% mp3. I keep finding the occasional wma file though - I hate wma format, but the wife occasionally adds the odd wma to the library and they turn up every couple of months. Not sure if that makes any difference - never used to affect old slimserver version - unless it actually attempted to play a wma, which it didn't like doing.

2006-05-12, 03:03
I don't know if this is connected, but the latest version of Slimscrobbler is 0.34, not 0.32. As a starting point, I would check each of your plugins is up to date and compatible with 6.2.2.

2006-05-12, 05:46
Thanks for that. When I upgraded, I thought I'd upgraded all my plugins, too - but I missed that there was a more recent version of SlimScrobbler.

Updated the plugin, and will see if it helps. I see in the release notes for SlimScrobbler 0.34 there's mention of a fix for occassional slimserver crashes... Perhaps that is what's upsetting my SS.

AlienBBC is running latest version, as is MusicIP (formerly MusicMagic Mixer). So, now, is SlimScrobbler ;)

Will see how it goes - thanks again!

2006-05-12, 12:21
Dammit - it's gone again. Beginning to notice a pattern here - it seems to crash after a period of inactivity. That is - it seems to happen when SB1 is left on but idle. (When idle, the RSS ticker kicks in).

Going to disable RSS ticker and see if that helps.

Currently, though, slim.exe is running as a process but not using any CPU. It's using around 70MB RAM and 64MB virtual memory.

I guess the reason why there is nothing in the event log is because slim.exe is still there - the actual process is still up, but seems to have stopped communicating with SB1. The SB1 display is dark.

Anyone got any ideas, other than to disable RSS ticker?

EDIT: My bad - sorry. Looks like the remote server is being hammered by interference. SS is not dead - the wifi connection is. False alarm - sorry ;)

EDIT2: Hah! How annoying. Looks like the neighbours must have got themselves a wireless router - the slimserver PC has connected to the wrong LAN a couple of times now :(

2006-05-12, 12:30
Quoting gutted <gutted.27plnn1147461901 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Anyone got any ideas, other than to disable RSS ticker?

that's what I'd go with. I certainly saw issues with using the rss
ticker for long periods. It is gone with 6.3 and 6.5 however. You are
welcome to try the nightly builds.

2006-05-12, 18:17
could you verify if the slimservice is started ?
I 'm running a similar config than yours (win2k Sp4) and lately the Slimservice stopped by itself as soon as the Weather plugin kick in during screensaver.
Removing the weather plugin fix the problem.
But it was not obvious since every time slimerver start the plugin turn off the service.
I was able to access rapidly the config menu on the SB3 and un-select the weather plug-in in the screensaver.

2006-05-13, 02:06
Thanks kdf.

mftech - slimserver doesn't seem to have installed as a service. I assumed thay slimdevices had gotten rid of the service in this latest build. All I have is the slimtray icon - during installation I had the option to have SS start automatically (which I declined until I got it working how I wanted it). I've since used Mike Lin's "Startup Control Panel" to make SS start automatically, which works fine.

So - should I have a slimserver service defined in my list of Windows services? I have installed/reinstalled SS twice so far as part of this upgrade, so this "missing" service is not a quirk of a failed install (unless I was unlucky enough to have the same quirk twice in a row).

Let me know if this is not right though, as it struck me as a bit odd that there was no service anymore - but it can be made to work well enough starting it as an app, so I wasn't unduly concerned. But now I'm unduly intrigued :)

2006-05-15, 00:30

So - can anyone tell me whether slim should have installed as a service, or is it normal that it only installed as an application?