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Mark Lanctot
2006-05-11, 14:41
A site that might be of interest to those here:


Welcome to Discogs
a user-built database of music information. Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. It's getting closer every day.

It's an extremely thorough and substantially complete database of music releases. And hey, if it isn't complete, you can submit to it.

It's useful to cross-reference this site when freedb fails or contains conflicting data. It's also useful for completing your collection.

2006-05-12, 06:03
The first 2 artists I browsed had very poor coverage:
Local H

These were much better:
Elton John
Pearl Jam

I find the site to be poorly organized and focused on ads trying to re-direct you to other sites to buy music rather than compiling complete and accurate data.

Its nice that you can submit info which is missing but I would only expect to do that for obscure artists/releases not proper albums which would be the case for Tool and Local H.

I don't think this site will replace my use of allmusic.com and musicbrainz.org.

I just re-read my post and want to say that my intention is not to threadcrap, I just don't see the point of this site where there are better ones out there.

2006-05-12, 07:50
And you can edit musicbrainz, too.

2006-05-12, 08:41
A cool site to find new music: http://www.music-map.com/

Plug in an Artist you know and see what comes up.

2006-05-12, 09:26
Actually discogs.com started out as solely electronic music -
you'll find the coverage in that genre very accurate and complete.
Other genres were added later and do lag behind. The moderators
that I've encounted were sticklers for accuracy (almost too much
so, in my opinion).

2006-05-12, 10:16
A cool site to find new music: http://www.music-map.com/

Plug in an Artist you know and see what comes up.

Here's a similiar site which give a graphical representation of artists and their "neighbors":


2006-05-12, 11:43
I guess Mp3tag supports Discogs

Mark Lanctot
2006-05-12, 13:00
Well, sorry guys.

I wasn't aware of those other sites.

Also I have done numerous things to block ads so I don't see them.