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Builder Brad
2006-05-10, 11:40

I am experiencing problems with Slimserver v6.2.2 when trying to play FLAC files that use seperate CUE sheets. The Squeezebox will not play any of these files giving a message that there was a problem opening the file. This is really strange as the same Cue sheet and FLAC file combination works in all the previous Slimserver versions.

I have now switched back to Slimserver version 6.1.1 as I have not been able to get my Flac music files to play when I use Cue sheets. The Flac files and Cue sheets were created using EAC and the Flac compressor and did need a couple of small changes to get them to work initially with the older version, although I can see no reason why they should not work with the updated Slimserver versions.

Any Ideas?

2006-05-11, 03:47

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> Any Ideas?

Why not embed the cue sheet in the FLAC file? All my new music is stored
like that and works fine.


Builder Brad
2006-05-12, 06:14
Hi Andy,

thankx for the reply.

I would be happy to do as you have sugested, although I really would like to be able to continue with the separate cue and flac files. Is this a known problem with cue sheets and v 6.2.2?

this is so strange as everything works fine with the older version 6.1.1

2006-05-12, 06:18
I have seen some weirdness when dealing with separate cue sheets, but haven't got around to debugging it yet. From the limited testing I did, it seems that you can play albums with cue sheets when going through Browse Artists/Albums but if you use Browse Music Folder it sometimes fails. Is that what you're seeing?

2006-05-12, 10:34
I've been seeing that. When browsing files, I can play the .wav or .flac image, but not the .cue. It escapes the spaces in the filename as %20's when it shows the error message - is that significant? Going through the database to play the album works.

For flac's with external cues:

- I want album Replay Gain and have been encoding my flac images with --replay-gain. Should this work with an external .cue? If not what do I need to do?

- Can I put ARTISTSORT, ALBUMSORT into the .cue? If not what can I do here?

- Should fforward/rewind work? It seems I can only move from track to track.


-- T

Builder Brad
2006-05-12, 15:12
Hi Andy G,

Most of my Flac compilations with separate .cue sheets just will not play at all with v6.2.2. There are a couple that will play occasionally but only list track 2, which incidentally is the same problem I had initially with v6.1.1 with all of my flac and cue files before I realised that flac had created a double extension ie. .flac.flec to all of the cue files.

whent i compare the files that sort of work, playing and listing only track 2, with those that produce the opening file error, I cannot see any differences.

I really do not want to have to embed all of my cue sheets into my flac files to get this working.