View Full Version : Display Colour Change

2006-05-10, 09:01
Not sure if this of any use to anybody?

Most of the units in my lounge have blue displays so I wanted to have a blue display on the SB2.

I've managed this by removing the smoked filter and replacing it with a clear plastic sheet and blue filter gel purchased from a lighting store.

The photo was an earlier verson that used a printed transparancy so it's a little distorted but with the gel this problem is removed.

The result is a slightly darker display (it's no use in direct sunlight) but it works fine in it's present location as I rarely use the lounge during the day)

2006-05-16, 05:51
I don't own a Squeezebox yet but I made something similar on a blue/green VFD display.
Pink filter works very good and the color is pretty.
You can also try with a "Tokyo blue" Lee Filter. It is a bit dark but with a very deep blue.

Red or orange are not pretty