View Full Version : Pool-side solution… PDA as remote or second Squeezebox?

2006-05-08, 19:01
Now that I have been spoiled with a Squeezebox for almost a year and it doesn't seem like the outdoor Squeezebox I've been dreaming of has been invented yet, I can't bear another summer of burning CDs and lugging the boombox back and forth to the pool. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a wireless outdoor speaker for my birthday, so then I will need something to control the tunes. I figure my options are either a second Squeezebox, or a PDA to use as remote control.

I don't already have a PDA, don't really need one for anything outside of the remote control possibility, and it looks like this option would cost more than another SB unless I can find a deal on an older, used one. But I'd also need some solution for making it water resistant. Not sure if I trust a zip lock for that. What would be the minimum requirements for a PDA to run SlimRemote? Wifi, I assume… but what else is important?

With a second SB, I would need to have a cabinet built to house the SB, transmitter, power adapters, etc., then I'd do the zip-lock bag routine for the SB remote. I'd want to leave it outside in the cabinet during the summer months, but wonder if the Florida humidity would be too hard on it?

So what do you all think I should do? Is there anything I haven't thought of?

Is there a Squeezebox discount for existing Slim customers?

2006-05-09, 06:51
I'm almost complete my outdoor setup.

I too was wondering the best option. Fortunatly my squeezebox is not too far from a window that has line of sight from outside so I can just read the text on large, failing that I have a PSP that will use for the interface.

I bought a Sonic T-amp yesterday to power a pair of yamaha AW150's under my soffit.

The T-amp is amazing, it's small, plastic and cheap looking and only 30 bucks, but it sounds amazing. only 15watt but it packs a punch enough for outside.

I was looking at an outdoor squeezebox but I don't think my network would extend enough and I don't need to play around with the interface much once I have SomaFM Groove Salad playing. !

2006-05-11, 13:48
Anyone else care to weigh in on this? I still can't decide!

2006-05-11, 13:54
Check my reply to this post, i suppose you can change the "pc with slimserver" to your SB